Aged between 10 to 25, Wildfire has had many members, and our line-up is constantly changing! Here's your chance to meet some of the faces behind Wildfire Folk...

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Wildfire has also seen many members move on, but could not have been the band it is without the dedication and enthusiasm of those people. Big thanks go to past members:
Catherine Gough, James Smith, Tom Hughes, Anneka Horne, Sam Hutchison, Osla Campbell, Jamie Hancock, Lucinda Keen, Emily Teale, Evie Smith, Molly Draper, Tom Teale, Lily Hutt, Alice Pickering, Alex Miles, Sophie Plant, Chloe Froude, Molly Froude, Dan Hegarty, Joe Burns, Rosie Tunley, Ben Cross, Dan Plant, Adam Cross, Stella Welfare, Hannah Boyd, Poppy Tripp, Amelia Harrison, Sal Broughton, Craig Barker, Amy Rigby, Tom Meehan, Nicky Griffiths, Nick Brown, Ellie Templeton, Mhairi Vaughan, Maddy Sutton, Rachel Genders Boyd, Helena Redman and Koro Telletxea.

Wildfire's Trustees

Our current team of trustees are:

Neil Horne, Cath Hughes, Dave Hancock, Dora Hancock, Glenn Tunley, Tessa Tunley, Stuart Davies, Elaine Davies, Catherine Gough, Beth Hancock

Our Trustees

Beth, Dave, Dora, Cath, Tessa, Elaine,
Glenn, Stuart, Neil

Beth, Dave, Dora, Cath, Tessa, Elaine, Glenn, Stuart, Neil